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The Return of Vivid Sydney | Sydney Harbour Cruises


What makes a great festival? These days, there are numerous festivals—of art, music, film and so on. And with every passing year, they keep getting bigger and bigger. Vivid Sydney is one such festival where new grounds are explored in ‘Lights, Music and Ideas.’ And to answer our simple question, Vivid Sydney is definitely a festival that sets the standard for a great festival—with its iconic location, new rituals and community, edgy programming, international and local connections, and an agency of change. 

Vivid on Sydney Harbour 

As Vivid Sydney returns after a 2-year long hiatus, the city awaits to see world-class light artists, musicians and brilliant thinkers transform the city into a magical wonderland. Like in every Vivid season, there are some things that the visitors are sure to sign up for activities such as our unique Vivid cruises, the Vivid Sydney Light Walk and BridgeClimb Sydney. From laying your eyes on the ‘First Light’ to traversing through the stunning background of the illuminated Harbour Bridge, there are certain things about a harbour cruise during Vivid season with promising feels. 

Why Choose a Vivid Cruise

During Vivid Sydney, the entire city of Sydney—which is divided into several precincts—is clad in bright lights and colours for 23 days and nights. The road traffic during these days is usually chaotic and people often rely on public transport to outsmart the crowd. And if you wish to see most of the Vivid harbour installations this year, most Sydneysiders would equivocally suggest Sydney Vivid cruises because it helps you cover several light installations and displays at one go. We provide a range of Vivid harbour cruises which have been a seminal part of the festival since its origin in 2009.


On board the cruises, you are promised the best views of the harbour surrounds from prime vantage points combined with amazing food, drinks and light entertainment. You can also purchase your favourite drinks from the onboard bar. 

Harbour Highlights

Some of the most popular Vivid Sydney attractions to look forward to at the harbour include ‘Lighting of the Sails’ at the Opera House, ‘Sharing the Same Life Essence’ at the Harbour Bridge, ‘Endless Love’ on Circular Quay and so on. 

First Light– This spectacular event will take place on the opening night of Vivid Sydney 2022. Iṭ is a powerful acknowledgement of the First Nations culture curated by Creative Advisor Rhoda Roberts AO. WIth a poignant and memorable tenor, the First Light will be a distinguishing start for Vivid Sydney 2022. It will run from 5:40 pm to 6:00 pm in the evening at Campbell’s Cove. The tall-standing pylons of Sydney Harbour Bridge will form a splendid background.

Lighting of the Sails– Every year, the Opera House displays an original commissioned artwork by a renowned artist, capturing the spirit and beauty of its iconic architecture, known as the ‘Lighting of the Sails’. This year, the artwork will be a collaboration with First Nations artists. Martu Artists and Curiious will work together to set up the light projection ‘Yarrkalpa - Hunting Ground’, inspired by ‘Yarrkalpa - Always Walking Country 2014. The sails of the Opera House will transform into a canvas of Martu’s stories which reflects their intimate knowledge of the land, their language and art. 

Endless Love – This is a superscale installation that evokes a multitude of emotions—of hope, of dreams, of aspirations, of passion and compassion. This work of art is positioned between the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Artists Michaela Gleave tries to simultaneously trigger the intimate and the universal with this creative representation of Sydney lifestyle. 

Reserve your seats on board one of our Vivid 2022 cruise for a fantastic experience.

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