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The lights, music, cruises & ideas of 2018 Vivid Sydney

The lights, music, cruises & ideas of 2018 Vivid Sydney

Vivid Sydney Festival brings out the radiant side of the beautiful city of Sydney. The 2018 festival had a wide range of new inclusions which were successful to astound almost all the visitors. A whopping 7.1 million tourist visited the 2018 festival and is expected to double the count this year. The Vivid lights, cruises, music and ideas are what makes this extravagant festival a grand success.

Vivid Sydney’s famous Light Walk was extended to the precincts of the Luna Park for the first time in 10 years, the amusement park was converted to a large scale light installation on the facade of Coney Island. The iconic Ferris wheel boasting its newly placed LED refit is a sight to ogle upon and can be enjoyed at its best from the splendid Vivid Harbour cruise. The splendid radiance form the Vivid Light artistic installations adorned the lush precincts of the Royal Botanic Garden, the walk through the pathway enjoying the nocturnal environment crafted by nature was a treat for the visitors. The Living lights, the forest made of living algae that welcomes you with a bubbling ‘blurp’ was a mind blowing visual installation related to harvesting energy biologically. The Aqueous with its interactive landscape of wandering pathways of light and engaging visitors in collaborative play was a major attraction and the Bloom, a goliath electric, metallic flower with petals embellished with mirrors that refract and reflect light, places you in the focal point of the flower catching the ideal photo moment.

The 2018 Vivid Sydney also bought Snugglepot and cuddlepie (May Gibbs iconic characters) back to life on the facade of Customs House in celebration with their 100 years anniversary.

The vibrant festival also introduced a very interesting segment featuring the Sydney Opera House, the event created by award-winning artist Jonathan Zawada displayed digital sculptures inspired from the Australian motifs across nature & culture. The Lighting of the Sails is to continue for the coming years and will be topping the list of the amazing events of Vivid Sydney.

The Vivid Music featured talented artists from all over the world creating a cluster of music genres from jazz to sonic experimentation. The performance by Grammy award-winner St. Vincent and an art event created by the team Field Day, Listen Out and Harbourlife were the main highlights.

The Opera House hosted a stellar line-up of America dream-pop icons like Mazzy Star, Ice Cube and Grammy award-winning Solange. The Young Hearts Run Free and Vera Blue where the not-to-be-missed events of the 2018 Vivid Live.

The 10th anniversary of Vivid Sydney was a grand success and is all set to repeat it for the upcoming years.

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