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Vivid Sydney: The extravagant festival of music, lights and ideas

Vivid Sydney: The extravagant festival of music, lights and ideas

The world-famous celebration of light, music and ideas, the Aussie winter is enhanced with this stunning aura of unstoppable events and craftsmanship. The festival is nothing less than a cluster of eye-sprouting visual extravaganza. Sydney sparkles amid winter every year with numerous artists, displays, Vivid Sydney cruises and famous personalities joining from all over the world. After its inception in 2009, the Vivid Sydney Festival has seen a huge growth in its followers. The festival has turned into an unavoidable event cherished by all of the Aussie land and the world.

The whole event can be segmented into three, the light, music and ideas. The striking illumination takes you to a whole new universe, with shadows that uncover into colourful abstracts and building facades that reveal a hidden universe of enchantment. Watch the city evolve into a wonderland through artistic illuminations, laser light shows and 3D-mapped projections from the comfort of a Vivid Sydney harbour cruise.

Vivid Sydney Festival commences by adorning the Sydney Opera House sails with an array of spectacular abstracts featuring a wide range of mystical hues. Don’t miss out on this inaugural event of visual extravaganza.

Pursue the arrangement of interactive and immersive craftsmanship models and installation trails through the breathtaking waterside regions of the Royal Botanic Garden, Taronga Zoo, Darling Harbour and Barangaroo. The lights projected on the black canvas of the night sky creates a visual world of artistic brilliance. To avoid the crowd, visit the historic laneways of the Rocks on weekdays to witness the stupendous displays at the Museum of Contemporary Art, eminent perspectives on Sydney Opera House and extraordinary installations for families and kids.

Vivid Music includes a great line-up of universal and Australian talents, the small and large venues studded within the city of Sydney provides a power-packed atmosphere to the whole event. The genre of the music varies each day to make this 23-day festival interesting and worth attending.

Vivid Ideas, on the other hand, is a bowl of world-changing thoughts and extraordinary people. The stimulating program featuring rewarding discussions of innovative ideas, global issues and subjects that extend from the structure of the city to out-of-the-box ideas that will help to improve the present condition or maintain it.

Enjoy the magnificent Vivid Sydney installations from the solace of a harbour cruise, which will undoubtedly enchant you with its spell. The Vivid harbour cruises featuring different packages is worth every penny, as it lets you indulge in the exhibition of splendid lights that change world famous edifices to a canvas of spectacular hues.

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