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Witness the Vivid Sydney Magic From the Best Vantage Points

Sydney Vivid cruises

Vivid Sydney is back this year and it would be fair to say that the city is excited already to welcome the lights. Unlike in the previous years, this year the festival will happen slightly later from August 6th to 28th. Vivid Sydney is one of the most loved and renowned festivals that lights up the city’s facade and there are many wonderful ways to celebrate it. If you’ve started planning for the upcoming festival already, here are some amazing options for you! 

If there is something unavoidable about the festival, it’s the lights! And to enjoy the mesmerising lights and the arts installations scattered across the various venues in the city, you can either choose a guided tour, visit the spots with your favourite people or simply opt for a vivid Sydney tour package offered by one of the big or small businesses in the city. Australian Cruise Group, as always, has been a seminal part of the celebrations and festivals in Sydney. During Vivid Sydney, we offer exciting Vivid cruises deals for the visitors. These luxury cruises offer a trip around Sydney Harbour, one of the most visited Vivid Sydney venues too. The harbour, which is home to the iconic Harbour Bridge and the Opera House is widely known for the Opera House displays and the harbourside art installations. Get on board one of the Sydney Vivid cruises to take in the amazing views of the festival from up-close and be surrounded by the magic created by the lights. There are several packages that you might be interested in, each one with unique inclusions at various prices. Book your Sydney Vivid cruise right away to avail exciting early-bird prices. 

During the festival, the city as a whole is adorned by an artistic ambience. There are music shows, talks and classes and more. This year, the Vivid Music events are expected to be organised by the same team that have previously ushered in the likes of The Cure, Florence and the Machine, Bon Iver, Solange and Ice Cube. Although most of this year’s events could be affected by the pandemic, the festival is sure to be a helping hand for the artist community to kickstart their careers. Besides the graceful Sydney Harbour, some of the other major venues for the festival are Circular Quay, Royal Botanic Gardens, Luna Park, Chatswood and Darling Harbour. More than the flashy facade of the festival, Vivid
Sydney is rooted in promoting sustainable initiatives including the purchase of verified carbon offsets, the use of efficient LED technologies, waste minimisation, promotion of public transport, social inclusion and electronic ticketing. A vague picture of what the future holds for mankind is in itself a scary thought, considering the high levels of air, water and land pollution and the exhaustion of natural resources. Global warming is another threat that lies before us. To override the hazardous impact of these, the brilliant minds across the world have been channelising their efforts to invent and discover more sustainable solutions. This is where Vivid Ideas, another major part of the festival, comes into play. The Vivid Talks have been a spearheading as a creative catalyst for change. If you’re inclined to the intellectual side of things, attend the Vivid Talks to be enlightened with avant-garde ideas and breakthroughs in the world of art. The forum is also a great stage for the creative industries and businesses to showcase their latest ideas. If you’re with kids, Vivid School is an amazing option. This forum is maintained especially for kids between 9 and 12, giving them the opportunity to meet artists behind the events and more. 

The festival, which has been instrumental in bringing Sydney worldwide attention, is a must-visit attraction if you’re planning to visit the city.

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